Buying Welding equipment

My son recently signed himself up for welding school – an amazingly adult thing to do. Not sure if I’ll end up paying for it or not but I’m just happy he’s started doing something. He’s a hands on type of guy, so I think this may work out for him.

He’s spent his life so far under the hood of a car doing tune ups, brake jobs, alignments, etc…you name it, he can do it and do it well.

Aside from the mechanic thing, he’s also been the kind of guy who just likes to understand how things work and if that means he has to tear it apart to understand it, so be it…consider it torn apart.

By the same token, I’ve seldom seen him not be able to put something back together again. His crowning achievement here, in my not-so-humble opinion, was the disassembly, cleaning, fixing, and re-assembly of a transmission. Anybody that has dealt with transmissions know they are among the most complex part of any vehicle and possibly the most complex known to man. One does not just “tear down a transmission and hope it’ll ever work again”. Well, my son did and it does. But again, that’s just the kind of guy he is.

welding - playing with fire

Now he’s in welding school. We’ve done a good bit of research on what kind of welding jobs are available, will he be traveling, are there specific “best” career paths to follow? Mig, Tig, stick, etc…which welding is best? Where can he make the most money? Where is the best job security? All of these things are what we’ve been researching. Along with, of course, deep research into the best welding gear such as helmets, jackets, pants, and gloves to ensure he is not only comfortable but also safe on the job. Welding is difficult and dangerous work – it’s important to have the right gear. I’ve found some of the best reviews of welding gear on RigWeld, a site dedicated to welding professionals and whether they are just starting out or have been welding as a profession for years. They also have a good bit of information on welding humor which, if you’re going to be a welder, you should have a good grasp on. Good site – be sure to take a look if there is a welder in your life.

He’s talked with a lot of other welders and it seems there is ample opportunity for traveling as a welder – you can end up going onsite for a number of weeks, get a week or two off, then go somewhere else for a couple of weeks. There’s a huge variance in the types of welding to be done as well as the types of industries. If you think about industrial plants of just about any type, there’s a ton of welding either going on or that needs to be going on at any time. Welders are in high demand and the salaries are some of the very best you can attain without a college degree.