Buying leather gifts for Christmas

Well, it’s about that time of the year when folks are looking for something to buy.

Electronics? They get outdated too fast.

Fruitcake? great for regifting the following year I guess

Games? Always a good idea.

Leather? Yes please. Leather never gets outdated, you won’t want to regift it, and like games, leather is always a good idea. Who doesn’t want a nice new leather jacket or perhaps a new hand bag?

Leather shoes

You can find a great selection of leather items on Amazon easily – quick searches for leather jacket, leather shoes, leather bound books, etc all reveal easy to obtain items that can be plentiful and inexpensive or a bit rare and more costly. But whatever you’re looking for, Amazon is a great place to start just to get a feel for what’s out there. After you do some searching there, you may want to branch out to other more specific sites such as Wilson Leather or Schotts. At these sites, you’ll typically find more customized and perhaps higher quality items to look through.

Whatever you end up buying, be sure you understand the type of leather. Know, for instance, that Genuine Leather is actually one of the lowest grades of leather. It’s one of those names that sounds great, but actually isn’t. You want a grade of leather that will last and that usually means “top grain” or “full grain”. You’ll also see Analine, which is a special kind of treated leather. Suede and Nubuck are also special types of leather that requirement special treatment, especially for cleaning. If you buy a Nubuck leather item for somebody, be sure they know how to clean nubuck leather – give them a guide or something – so they don’t ruin it. Mishandling nubuck leather can be costly. Nubuck and Suede are similar in look and feel but whereas suede is created from the split part of the leather, nubuck is actually top grain leather that has been sanded and finished, resulting in a smooth, velvety feel.

Leather boots - kissing couple

Leather items are great gifts but they can also somewhat transcend simple gift giving and reach the level of truly appreciated items. Those who collect rare books, for example, will love a nice leather bound book as a gift. Those who love riding motorcycles will love a sturdy jacket or perhaps some well made leather boots. And a nicely made leather bag is a welcome present for just about anybody and will be treasured for many years. So put some thought into it and do some research – find the best leather gift you can and make somebody super happy.