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Buying leather gifts for Christmas

Well, it’s about that time of the year when folks are looking for something to buy.

Electronics? They get outdated too fast.

Fruitcake? great for regifting the following year I guess

Games? Always a good idea.

Leather? Yes please. Leather never gets outdated, you won’t want to regift it, and like games, leather is always a good idea. Who doesn’t want a nice new leather jacket or perhaps a new hand bag?

Leather shoes

You can find a great selection of leather items on Amazon easily – quick searches for leather jacket, leather shoes, leather bound books, etc all reveal easy to obtain items that can be plentiful and inexpensive or a bit rare and more costly. But whatever you’re looking for, Amazon is a great place to start just to get a feel for what’s out there. After you do some searching there, you may want to branch out to other more specific sites such as Wilson Leather or Schotts. At these sites, you’ll typically find more customized and perhaps higher quality items to look through.

Whatever you end up buying, be sure you understand the type of leather. Know, for instance, that Genuine Leather is actually one of the lowest grades of leather. It’s one of those names that sounds great, but actually isn’t. You want a grade of leather that will last and that usually means “top grain” or “full grain”. You’ll also see Analine, which is a special kind of treated leather. Suede and Nubuck are also special types of leather that requirement special treatment, especially for cleaning. If you buy a Nubuck leather item for somebody, be sure they know how to clean nubuck leather – give them a guide or something – so they don’t ruin it. Mishandling nubuck leather can be costly. Nubuck and Suede are similar in look and feel but whereas suede is created from the split part of the leather, nubuck is actually top grain leather that has been sanded and finished, resulting in a smooth, velvety feel.

Leather boots - kissing couple

Leather items are great gifts but they can also somewhat transcend simple gift giving and reach the level of truly appreciated items. Those who collect rare books, for example, will love a nice leather bound book as a gift. Those who love riding motorcycles will love a sturdy jacket or perhaps some well made leather boots. And a nicely made leather bag is a welcome present for just about anybody and will be treasured for many years. So put some thought into it and do some research – find the best leather gift you can and make somebody super happy.

Welding a muffler

Buying Welding equipment

My son recently signed himself up for welding school – an amazingly adult thing to do. Not sure if I’ll end up paying for it or not but I’m just happy he’s started doing something. He’s a hands on type of guy, so I think this may work out for him.

He’s spent his life so far under the hood of a car doing tune ups, brake jobs, alignments, etc…you name it, he can do it and do it well.

Aside from the mechanic thing, he’s also been the kind of guy who just likes to understand how things work and if that means he has to tear it apart to understand it, so be it…consider it torn apart.

By the same token, I’ve seldom seen him not be able to put something back together again. His crowning achievement here, in my not-so-humble opinion, was the disassembly, cleaning, fixing, and re-assembly of a transmission. Anybody that has dealt with transmissions know they are among the most complex part of any vehicle and possibly the most complex known to man. One does not just “tear down a transmission and hope it’ll ever work again”. Well, my son did and it does. But again, that’s just the kind of guy he is.

welding - playing with fire

Now he’s in welding school. We’ve done a good bit of research on what kind of welding jobs are available, will he be traveling, are there specific “best” career paths to follow? Mig, Tig, stick, etc…which welding is best? Where can he make the most money? Where is the best job security? All of these things are what we’ve been researching. Along with, of course, deep research into the best welding gear such as helmets, jackets, pants, and gloves to ensure he is not only comfortable but also safe on the job. Welding is difficult and dangerous work – it’s important to have the right gear. I’ve found some of the best reviews of welding gear on RigWeld, a site dedicated to welding professionals and whether they are just starting out or have been welding as a profession for years. They also have a good bit of information on welding humor which, if you’re going to be a welder, you should have a good grasp on. Good site – be sure to take a look if there is a welder in your life.

He’s talked with a lot of other welders and it seems there is ample opportunity for traveling as a welder – you can end up going onsite for a number of weeks, get a week or two off, then go somewhere else for a couple of weeks. There’s a huge variance in the types of welding to be done as well as the types of industries. If you think about industrial plants of just about any type, there’s a ton of welding either going on or that needs to be going on at any time. Welders are in high demand and the salaries are some of the very best you can attain without a college degree.

Best Plastic Surgery Blog Award

Shopping for Plastic Surgery

Shopping for a Plastic Surgeon

woman bodyCredentials

Checking the credentials of any Plastic Surgeon you’re considering is more important than checking the credentials of just about anyone else you are going to hire. They are working with your body and your physical appearance but most importantly, they are saying that they are medically qualified to perform the procedures you need. And you need to make sure that they are. In order to do that, you need to look for two main credentials: board certification, and an affiliation with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS.)

The first and most important credential is to make sure that any surgeon you’re considering is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS.) This certification is very important because it means that the surgeon has met very specific training, educational requirements, and has maintained professional standards as determined by the Board, who acts on behalf of the public.

There are hundreds of other plastic surgeon boards but more often than not, these boards are simply made up of groups of physicians that have come together and formed an unofficial board. They have no affiliation with the ABPS whatsoever, and in no way operate under the same strict guidelines and requirements. If you speak to any cosmetic surgeon that is not board-certified with the ABPS, thank them and find another surgeon who is.

To find the best list of Atlanta Plastic Surgeons, click on the link.

Another credential that’s important to look for when choosing a cosmetic surgeon is that they are a member of the ASPS. While this affiliation isn’t as critical as ensuring that the surgeon is board-certified, it is very important and does again, take a lot of the work off your shoulders. This is because any surgeon that is a member of the ASPS must:

  • Complete a minimum of 5 years surgical training with at least 2 of those years dedicated to plastic surgery;
  • Have both training and experience with every plastic surgery procedure
  • Perform procedures exclusively in medically-accredited facilities (more on this later in the report);
  • Maintain a strict code of ethics at all times;
  • Meet continued-education requirements that deal with patient safety, new and innovative procedures and trends, and industry standards;
  • Be board-certified.

While ensuring that a cosmetic surgeon is both board-certified and a member of the ASPS still won’t guarantee that you’re going to get the right surgeon for the job, it will set you well on your way to finding a qualified surgeon that’s at least suitable for the job. And with just a little more digging, you are going to find exactly the right one for you.

Plastic SurgeonsOther things to look for:

Once you’ve found a few doctors that have the credentials to back up their claims of being a good cosmetic surgeon, there are still a few major things to look for. These things, while not as major as certification or ASPS membership, they can either be good indicators of a good plastic surgeon; or they can be major warning signs.

One of the things to look for is a plastic surgeon that specializes in the field of surgery that you need. While many plastic surgeons will perform any surgery, no matter what the procedure, it’s always better to find someone that deals with your procedure day in and day out. If it’s a breast augmentation that you’re dealing with, you don’t want to go to a surgeon that specializes in laser hair treatments or liposuction to get it done. Again, it’s your body and something you might have to live with for the rest of your life. You want to make sure that the surgeon you use is extremely familiar with the procedure or procedures needed.

When speaking to different surgeons, really listen to what they’re saying. This is of course, to not only understand every aspect of the procedure, as well as the risks, but also to hear what they are trying to get you to do, or not to do. If a surgeon seems really over-eager to give you anything you want and agrees to things such as “taking off as much fat as he can,” or doing multiple procedures all at the same time, this could be a large warning sign.

Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery is a business just like any other; and some surgeons really are just in for the money. That means that the more you get done, the higher the cost and the more money they make. A good surgeon however, will have cost be one of the furthest things from their minds. They really will just want to do what’s best for you, and give you what you’re looking for without putting your health at risk.

Therefore, a good cosmetic surgeon will most likely err on the conservative side, telling you that it’s always easier to take things off than put them back on; this might result in multiple surgeries. Or that taking that much off will put your health in danger.

Another thing a good cosmetic surgeon won’t be shy about telling you are the risks involved with your procedure. Make no mistake about it: if you are going to have plastic surgery of any kind, there are going to be risks. Surgery of any kind carries risks and if the plastic surgery you need requires anesthetic, the risks are increased that much more. A good cosmetic surgeon will not only tell you about these risks, but also go over them thoroughly and carefully to make sure you understand. Again, your health is more important than anything to them. And they’re not going to gloss over things like the risks involved just to get your business.

Buying a Diamond

How to find the best diamond

It’s the time of the year where a lot of folks are either buying diamonds for themselves or their signficant others.  With this in mind, we thought it was a good time to share some ideas of what to look for.


Shopping for the best Christmas Gift

Choosing An Ideal Christmas Present For Her

It is that time of the year again – there is a spring in your step as well as a chill in-the-air. It is Christmas once more! About locating the ideal Christmas gift for the special someone, and while there’s music, cheerfulness, pleasure, and fervor every-where you’re probably pondering.
While the majority people understand what we need as a christmas gift, it is difficult to realize the ideal Christmas present for our nearest and dearest. Here on our site, we’ve got several astonishing gifts that can remind your love of you every time it is seen by them. Here are a few Christmas gifts for all you guys who would like to select just the very best present for that special woman in your life – a present that is ideal for her!

Yes, there’s nothing that believed and really beats the delight of opening up gifts which were gifted with-love!

Sparkling Jewelry

Jewellery is loved by every girl and the delight is doubled when it is offered as a present. In case you can not manage an expensive diamonds piece do not sweat it. You still have a lot of choices from gewgaws to baubles to jewellery and these will not pinch your pocket both!


Oh! But remember never to unwittingly get a cologne that smells mo-Re of an insect-repellant than an nice aroma. Request guidance of a girlfriend to not be dangerous.
Cologne… lilting scents that will add mystery, sensuality, or design into a girl’s character. By gifting a cologne you actually can not go too wrong. Whether it is a a cologne or a branded one, it is guaranteed to be a smash-hit together with your ladylove.


A fast word of guidance: purchasing shoes for somebody other than your-self can be tricky, so be sure to assess together with the store or on the web mall on span and their trade plan and purchase a size that matches.
Paris Hilton has a home filled with these, and a fresh one daily is needed by a number of other stars. Yes, we’re referring to shoes. Whether these are stilettos, platforms, wedge-heels flats, sling-backs, boots, or heels, she will always need them much more, and all.
Thus, in the event you would like to gift your woman a present she’ll remember forever, subsequently shoes ought to be at the very top of your present options list. Purchase a set of fine, female shoes or simply wonderfully detailed to her; make certain they satisfy her style.


In case your woman is individualistic and youthful subsequently pick up a fashionable, fashionable clutch purse in cloth or leather. In the event the present is to get a teen-ager, sequenced pocket book or a bright coloured tote might be a great wager. But when you are looking for a mature girl then you definitely need to purchase a pocket book in a bigger size as well as a dark colour (black, browns, and grays).
A pocket book does not actually go out-of-fashion. Girls of likes and all age classes would happily take a trendy and hip hand-bag or clutch purse as a christmas-gift.


You need to make an effort to find a shape that satisfies her face-cut; egg-shaped framework for squarish framework and an angular face to get a round-shaped face. When they are worn by her, she is bound to appear to be a fashionista!
Designer or branded shades speed high on the fashion quotient. There’s an extremely broad selection of frames to pick from. Sun glasses are both hip in addition to useful and she is bound to believe of you every time she measures out to sunlight!


Select from slinky, extremely-feminine, cute, or only plain hot…
Large on fashion gauzy lingerie, relaxation, and approach is the most sexy present you may give her. Will she love its feel against her physique, but it is possible to appreciate it too. But sheer lingerie should just be gifted to spouse or your wife, and maybe not your puppy love!


Yes, it really is the idea that counts. So do not sweat if you can manage the elaborate jewelry items, clothing or cologne.
It is possible to never, ever make a mistake with…
When choosing up makeup or cosmetic thing, be sure you look over the quality. Makeup makes a girl feel pampered quite, and prepared.


In case your woman adores watches (like I do) then she will just adore a trendy, slick, watch. Not only does an excellent funds present be made by a view, it be of use and will also remain with her for more. Simply be sure to understand what shape, colour, and style she enjoys when she kisses you for this wonderful present, and freeze that instant!